Race4Conservation Foundation

PBO NO: 930047549

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) - Tax Exemption Guide for Public Benefit Organisations in South Africa (Issue 4) 

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We are currently applying for NPO status.

NPOs play a significant role in society by undertaking shared responsibility for the social and development needs of the country thus relieving the financial burden that would otherwise fall on the state. Tax benefits are designed to assist NPOs by augmenting their financial resources and providing them with an enabling environment in which to achieve their objectives.
The mere fact that an organisation has a non-profit motive or is established or registered as an NPO under the Nonprofit Organisations Act 71 of 1997 (NPO Act), or is established as a non-profit company under the Companies Act, does not mean that it automatically qualifies for preferential tax treatment or approval as a PBO. An organisation will only enjoy preferential tax treatment after it has applied for and been granted approval as a PBO by the TEU (see 3) and continues to comply with the relevant requirements and conditions as set out in the Act.