Somkhanda Tribally-owned Rhino Game Reserve

South Africa is losing rhinos to poaching at a rate of almost 3 per day. Ride the Cape Town Cycle Tour with Race4Rhino to support our annual projects such as the tribally-owned rhino preserve, Somkhanda Game Reserve.

People are losing their lives in the war against rhino horn smuggling. While horror stories of rhino poaching have become all too common, there is also hope. In Zululand, one community, the Gumbi Tribe, has set aside an enormous portion of their community land to create a place where rhinos can be safe: Somkhanda Game Reserve

Here at Somkhanda, a new generation of Gumbi children is experiencing the joy of nature conservation and being taught the importance of preserving our rhinos on their own land! Wildlife ACT Fund manages the Somkhanda Community Conservation Project:

Conservation educators provide lessons and fun concept reinforcement activities in all Gumbi rural schools. All grade six students from the Gumbi communities that border the park get to come to a four day, three night conservation education experience at Black Rhino Bush Camp, all expenses paid!Bush camp kids get to see their own rhinos in the bush, while learning about rhino natural history, the threats to their survival and how they are monitored.

In addition, Gumbi tribal members are being trained and employed in conservation jobs in Somkhanda Game Reserve:

  • 30 reserve staff
  • 17 tourism staff at Somkhanda Lodge
  • 4 children's bush camp guides
  • 3 rhino monitors


  • Conservation Education Bush Camps operations for 150 children
  • Food for 150 children fed at Black Rhino Bush Camp
  • Educational and art materials for kids' conservation education activities
  • Conservation Lessons taught in 9 rural Gumbi Schools
  • Rhino Monitoring: 25% of total operations for one year

If you'd like to support the Wildlife ACT Fund's community conservation initiative in collaboration with Race4Conservation Foundations project Race4Rhino, please consider signing up.